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Our company was established in 2022, focusing on th R&D, production and sale of products with the various metal powders and ceramic atomization cores as the core. Our main products include electronic cermet atomization core, high purity titanium poweder, titanium hydride powder, composite titanium powder, 3D printing metal powder, iron-based, nickel-based, spherical titanium powder, thermal spraying powder, etc. We have long term cooperation with many enterprises around the world. These product are widely used in 3D printing, product coating, powder metallurgy, biomaterials and other fields. We can provide high-quality customized product and differentiatedservices. We have a strict quality control system, a professional R&D and sales team, and a stable logistics network. We aim to communicate and cooperate with customer, convey our company's corre concepts, and establish long-term cooperative relation with them to achieves win-win and development for both parties.

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